Ottensen Quarter

Ottensen is Hamburg’s second major shopping district. The narrow alleys with their bars and restaurants earned Ottensen the byname “Little Paris”.    

Ottensen Shopping Quarter

Formerly a working class neighbourhood, Ottensen has become one of Hamburg’s most popular quarters. The many bars, cafes and restaurants west of Altona station are usually crowded with people. Shoppers can still find cozy little independent shops and boutiques rather than chain-stores. Fans of architecture will enjoy the many historic buildings in Ottensen’s grid of narrow alleys.

The quarter is also among the most popular residential areas in the city. In Ottensen’s south, towards the Elbe river, impressive townhouses are home to the rich and famous.

Culturally, too, Ottensen has plenty to offer. With a total of five theatres, including the Altonaer Theater, there is always an interesting play to attend. Music venues like the Fabrik host international bands and artists on almost every night of the week. The Zeise cinema, located inside an old ship propeller factory, is among the city’s most beautiful movie theatres. The annual Altonale street festival combines theatre performances, arts, flea markets, live music and parties. And last but not least, Altona 93 has slowly but surely become Hamburg’s third-most popular football club, after the two Bundesliga powerhouses HSV and St. Pauli.