Day Trips Elbmarschen

Cycle through the Marsh west of Hamburg and experience Germany's smallest ferry, numerous birds and fascinating geological sites.​​​​​​​

Explore Elbmarsch Region Close to Hamburg in the district of Pinneberg, you can find beautiful spots

The Elbmarschen Region

Unique Nature

The Elbmarschen Region is an extensive marsh region which runs alongside the Elbe river in the North of Germany. The region not only borders Hamburg, but also touches on Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. A very fertile area, these surrounding regions are known for their farming. The Altes Land area is one of the largest fruit growing regions in Europe, whilst the Vierlande region is one of the important areas for growing vegetables and flowers. Many parts of the Elbmarschen region are also protected areas with unique flora and fauna and rare species of birds and fish.

Outdoor Activities

Why not take your bike and cycle your way across the Elbmarschen? The Elberadweg, Nordseeküstenradweg, Mönchsweg and Ochsenweg offer opportunities to explore the whole area. If being on the water is more your thing, there are many places in the region where a boat ride can be taken. Take the smallest ferry in Germany from Kronsnest or hire a canoe for the river or one of the many lakes along the way.