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From art house to blockbuster: In an international city like Hamburg, you can watch English-language films on every night of the week.  ​​​​​​​

English Language Cinemas ─ Movie Theatres in Hamburg

There is no easier way to learn some German than watching a dubbed version of your favourite film. However, for a feeling of home or simply because you want to enjoy an evening with international friends: Enjoy an English film in one of Hamburg’s many cinemas! In an international city like Hamburg you can catch English-language films on every night of the week. While most “Kinos” (cinemas) still show international films dubbed in German, there are also regular screenings as well as English-only theatres. Last but not least, Hamburg's many film festivals show plenty of international titles.

Note that not every film with an English title is automatically in English. To avoid ambiguity, film theatres in Hamburg indicate English versions by marking their films as either OV (Original version) or OmU (Original version with German subtitles). Age restrictions are named “ab 12” or “FSK 16” etc.

The Savoy cinema in St.Georg specialises (almost entirely) in English-language screenings, also because it has become popular with Germans to watch films in the original version. The theatre shows current blockbusters as well as classics (with film-buffs often dressing up in according costume) and even screenings of English-language theatre plays.

The Abaton shows at least one English-language film per night. Art house theatres like 3001 and Zeise show a large portion of their films in the original version. Nowadays, even the mainstream cinema chains cater to anglophone Hamburgers, so you shouldn’t have to look too far to find a quality film in its original version!

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