Football 2019 World Cup

True fans know women's football has it all. Inside tips for where to watch the World Cup in Hamburg. Get ready to cheer!

Women's World Cup

Where to watch the 2019 World Cup in Hamburg

If you think women’s football isn’t worth watching, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. 

If you want host your own viewing parties, almost all matches will air on German television stations TV, ARD and ZDF, as well as their respective streaming platforms.

As for public viewings, although men’s teams still dominate in terms of popularity, the winds of change are blowing, as women’s teams draw larger and larger crowds, demanding equal pay and equal screen-time in the process. 

Still, fan culture in Hamburg is largely dominated by men, making public screenings a bit tricky to find. The best way to combat this sport-culture sexism is to ask your favourite sports bars why on earth they aren’t showing the matches before heading to one of the bars with their TVs tuned to the right station instead. 

To connect with other fans of women’s football during this World Cup, you can head to the following: 

Fleetenkieker Irish Pub: An expat hub, this Altstadt Irish pub is scheduled to show all of this year’s matches. Anyone specifically looking to watch women’s football will be very happy here. 

Paddy's Bar: Located conveniently within the city centre, this Irish pub is a local expat favourite and will screen all games for its loyal clientele. 

Women’s football is still an emerging interest in Germany, despite its long history. Many bars plan to screen the German matches, but will be happy to turn on any match upon request, so don’t be shy. 

Bar Same Same: All of the German matches will be shown at this Winterhude sportsbar, and any other matches will be screened upon request — you need only ask! 

Bar Vivo: Not generally a sports bar, Bar Vivo is a nice spot to watch the German matches. 

Kneipe Frau Möller: This Lange Reihe Institution is screening the biggest games of the World Cup. If the TV isn’t tuned to the match, simply ask. And while you’re there, enjoy some classic German food and drink! 

La Paz: The tapas restaurant / sports bar is a major viewing hub in Eppendorf. While the interest there is mostly in the German matches, TVs will be tuned to any game requested. 

Old McDonald: Eimbüttel’s own ‘American’ sports bar and restaurant will be playing most games. If the one you want isn’t on, just ask. And order a burger while you’re at it.

Schramme 10: Like many of the others on this list, Schramme 10 will tune you into the match of your choice upon request. 

Sportsbar Bahrenfelder: Just looking for the German matches? Sportsbar Bahrenfelder is for you. 

TSG Bergedorf von 1860 e.V.: Although this sport club doesn’t have any official screenings, they’re happy to put the games on for anyone who asks. 

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