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14 different classes go for the win in northern Hamburg at these vintage vehicle races.​​​​ ​

Stadtpark Revival, Hamburg, Germany

Stadtpark Revival Races

Since its first edition in 1999, the Stadtpark Revival races are dedicated fully to classic cars and motorcycles (or Oldtimers as they are called in German). Today, more than a dozen different classes cover everything from ‘03 - ’49 motorcycles to ‘63 - ’76 Formula V cars. Fans of classic cars and motorcycles will feel right at home in the new City Nord location. The 1.6 km-long roundtrack with its overarching pedestrian bridges and terraces guarantees perfect viewing conditions. What’s more, vintage vehicle enthusiasts can inspect the machines and exchange inside knowledge at the adjacent Oldtimerparkplatz. Numerous food and drink stands provide all the sustenance needed for a long weekend of high-revving engines and screeching tyres.   

The original Stadtparkrennen races

Even though the Stadtpark Revival races have been moved from Stadtpark (lit. City Park) to the City Nord area in 2017, the name remains the same. The annual event pays tribute to the heydays of Hamburg motorsports, when the Internationales Hamburger Stadtparkrennen races were held in Hamburg Winterhude. Back in 1934, 80,000 spectators came to the vast green area to witness the competition. Before and after WWII, the races were held eight times, until in 1952 a tragic accident put an abrupt end to the event. Between 1999 and 2016, Stadtpark Revival was held partly along the historic course in the park until it was moved a few hundred metres further north, to the City Nord commercial area.


2022 dates TBA


Überseering, 22297 Hamburg

Getting there

U1 to Alsterdorf or Sengelmannstraße
S1, S11 to Rübenkamp

Stadtpark Revival


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