Photo Exhibition New German Photography

This exhibition introduces and congratulates the freshest young voices in German photography.

Colour photograph. Medium close up of a wall which has been riddled with bullet holes. One of the holes is quite large, while the others are smaller. Through the wholes a city is visible.

Good Outlooks 2019/2020: Young German Photography at Hamburg's Haus der Photographie


Hamburg’s Haus der Photographie (lit. ‘House of Photography’) at the Deichtorhallen museum is a monumental resource for anyone interested in photographic arts. Starting 21 March, 2020, GUTE AUSSICHTEN 2019/2020 (meaning ‘Good Outlooks 2019/2020’) will feature recent winners of renowned new talent prizes awarded in Germany to recent photography graduates. 

This is the 16th year that the Haus der Photographie has hosted this exhibit highlighting the fresh blood of the German photography scene. As always, the winners were hand selected by a jury of experts. This year, the nine winners came from a pool of over 80 submissions from 36 universities. 'War and Peace in Times of Global Disinformation' is the common thread running through the 2019/2020 exhibition and linking the works of the award winners together.
Exhibition dates: 21 March - 14 June 2020
Opening times: Tue- Sun, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Location: Haus der Photographie / Deichtorhallen Hamburg,
Deichtorstraße 1-2, 20095 Hamburg

Getting there
Located in Hamburg's city cetre, the Haus der Photographie can be reached on foot from the central station (Hauptbahnhof). 

For more information, visit Haus der Photographie online. 



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