Exhibition Amerika! Disney, Rockwell, Pollock, Warhol

The American ‘Way of Life’ throughout the 20th Century as defined through art and visual culture. 

Norman Rockwell: Marriage Counselor, 1963, Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust

Amerika! Disney, Rockwell, Pollock, Warhol at the Bucerius Kunst Forum

Walt Disney, Norman Rockwell, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. Each representing a different movement in popular art, their styles differ quite radically from one another. Yet Disney, Rockwell, Pollock and Warhol were each artistic innovators that pushed American art of the 20th century in new directions, ultimately influencing American cultural identity, both domestically and as a commercial export. Disney and Warhol especially are known for blending the lines between art and commerce — what could be more American? 

Hamburg’s Bucerius Kunst Forum has brought together some 170 works by these four artists. The exhibition puts their work, personalities and influence on full display, highlighting how each of these artists in their own way shaped the visual culture of the United States.

Getting there
Located next to the Hamburg City Hall at Alter Wall 12, Bucerius Kunst Forum can be reached easily from the stations Jungfernstieg (U1, U2, S1, S2, S3) and Rathaus (U3). 

For more information, visit Bucerius Kunst Forum online.



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