Art Festival MS Artville

At this vast open air exhibition, art develops constantly through dialogue and artistic exchange.

MS ARTVILLE in Hamburg, Germany

MS Artville - an open air art exhibition in the south of Wilhelmsburg

Exhibits at MS Artville aren’t untouchable artifacts hanging on the walls of an ancient museum. At this Wilhelmsburg-based open air exhibition, national and international artists consider their art to be objects in flux and something that develops over the course of the festival. The exhibits can vary radically in size and shape but they all hold to the spirit of the event. Street art, installations, performances — you can find it all at the Artville area. Extra events and parties such as the Richtfest, Burgfest and Symposium complement the open air art exhibition.

Exchange and dialogue

MS Artville puts a strong focus on dialogue. Artists and visitors engage in ongoing discussions about the projects, which are often works in progress feeding off visitors’ and other artists’ input. 

In addition, weekends are stacked with concerts, performances and parties that round out the exhibition, such as Richtfest, the official opening party, and the Burgfest, which ends the exhibition in style. 

A family of events

In summer, the festival grounds in the south of Wilhelmsburg quarter are as busy as it gets. MS Artville is closely connected to several other events that happen around the same time and in the same area. Spektrum festival is a huge one-day hip-hop party, Vogelball is a bird-themed carnivalesque disco and, last but certainly not least, MS Dockville is one of the country’s largest music festivals.


Schlengendeich 12
21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg


2024 dates TBA

Getting there: 

S3 station Wilhelmsburg 
Bus number 13, station Mengestrasse

Please note that there will be very limited parking available. If possible, use public transport or bikes to reach MS Artville. Mind also, that Alter Elbtunnel will be closed off for bike traffic.  

Further information can be found here.



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