Events Aktivoli Volunteering Fair

Looking to make a difference? The yearly AKTIVOLI Volunteering Fair brings together aspiring volunteers and organisations in Hamburg.​​​​​​​

AKTIVOLI Volunteering Fair in Hamburg, Germany

AKTIVOLI Volunteering Fair

Many people are looking for ways to spend their free time doing something good for those in need. Thankfully, a large city like Hamburg comes with plenty of volunteering opportunities. But especially for new residents, it can prove difficult to find the organisation that fits best.

At the yearly AKTIVOLI Volunteering Fair at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, aspiring do-gooders can get to know 160 volunteering organisations active in Hamburg. Their activities range from refugee integration and helping the homeless to LGBTQIA counselling, firefighting and much more. Entry is free and signup isn’t necessary.

For more information on the programme, check out the official website.


26 May 2024


Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Getting there

U3 to Rathaus

U1/U2/U4 or S1/S2/S3 to Jungfernstieg