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Hamburg DOM Summer 2022

It's back! Times have been hard for previous DOM funfairs, but now the beloved Hamburg tradition shines brighter than ever before! All you need to know about Summer DOM 2022.

an illuminated rollercoaster at fading daylight against the nightfall Hamburg Summer DOM 2021 impressions

Summer DOM 2022—The latest news and information on Hamburg DOM

DOM fun in St. Pauli 

Summer DOM 2022 takes place July 22 - August 21 at St. Pauli’s Heiligengeistfeld. Expect spectacular new rides and attractions, summer events, and of course plenty of treats for your tastebuds. 

The Summer DOM 2022 is taking place without any special corona-related measures.

Summer DOM 2022 attractions

The new attraction Police Department is the largest mobile fun house in the world and is a guest at the Hamburger DOM for the first time. Five adventurous parkour levels give visitors 15 minutes of police-academy-style training, peppered with family-friendly adventures, obstacles and challenges. 

Also new is Rock & Roll, a completely new type of vehicle that premiered only two years ago and is unique in Europe. Passengers get to experience a whole new way of rolling over and rotating at a maximum height of 23 metres in the so-called ‘X-Drive’.

Pool Party is an absolute carousel classic. It’s a flying-carpet-style ride, but this time, the use of air mattresses really shakes things up. Once it has picked up speed, it takes off 16 metres into the air – expect some tingling in your tummy! It’s a family-friendly ride without any rollovers and promises summer fun for young and old. 

The novelty ride Krake XXL is known for its asymmetrical and unpredictable movements, which change almost every second, making for a ride that remains exciting at all times.

Airwolf - Sky Control is celebrating a big comeback: after seven years, this iconic ride is returning to the fairgrounds. Airwolf - Sky Control is a high-speed ride that makes the hearts of action fans beat faster again. An industrial, space-y design with fire, light and special effects, this high-tech ride is an experience for passengers and spectators alike. The special feature for the occupants lies in the unique driving style of the ‘space glider’. Each ride is unique!


Rainbow Day: After a two-year break, the Hamburg DOM is once again setting an example for tolerance on 4 August with its 6th Rainbow Day. In cooperation with Hamburg Pride e.V. and AHOI Events, Rainbow Day is now taking place at Summer DOM. The rainbow parade for acceptance and diversity starts at 7 p.m. in front of the ferris wheel and then proceeds through the rainbow-decorated DOM with lots of confetti, a samba band, and good vibes. Additional activities and a big after-show party round off the evening at 8:30 p.m. at DOCK 12.

Future Talk: On this special career orientation day, everything revolves around skilled crafts and trades. On 19 August, Hamburg’s Chamber of Handicrafts invites more than 1,000 schoolchildren to the 3rd #FutureTalk at the Hamburger DOM ferris wheel. At ‘Job Speed Dating’, potential trainees can find out about a wide range of trades, training paths and career prospects. Experts from companies, guilds and the Chamber provide information about the diverse professions and answer all kinds of questions in 42 ferris wheel gondolas. The aim is to present the widest possible range of Hamburg trades, inspire young people to do an apprenticeship, and bring them together with future employers.

Fireworks: The spectacular lights, colours and bang effects in the sky slow the DOM hustle and bustle for a few minutes at 10:30 p.m. on Friday 22 July, 5 August and 19 August.

Premiere: Hamburg DOM - Back Then

This is what Hamburg DOM used to look like. The ‘Hamburg DOM - Back Then’ takes guests back to the first half of the 20th century. The entrance alone gives an idea of what awaits visitors on the 2,000-square-metre site. The exhibits, rides and vehicles are not replicas, but originals from their respective times. As soon as you pass through the entrance gate, you are transported back decades. The showmen have opened their halls and collections for ‘Hamburg DOM - Back Then’ and found many rarities. Historical fairground rides and an exciting show with original exhibits from the respective time depict DOM life at that time. The exhibition provides insights into one of the oldest and largest events in the Hanseatic city, which have never existed before.

How did the showmen travel back then? How did they live? What were the most popular attractions back in the day and when did the first rides appear? ‘Hamburg DOM - Back Then’ provides the answers to all these questions. A ride on the ferris wheel from 1928 or on the children's carousel from the 1950s completes the historical experience.


  • Large exhibition with unique historical exhibits and plenty of unique information 
  • Ferris wheel from 1928
  • Children's carousel from the 1950s
  • Fair organ from 1892
  • Original vehicles and caravans

Admission to the event area is free for all visitors. Admission to the special exhibition tent is €2 for visitors 13 and older, while children ages 6-12 can enter for €1; kids ages 5 and under have free admission.

‘Hamburg DOM - Back Then’ tours

Hamburg DOM is offering guided tours of ‘Hamburg DOM - Back Then’ for companies and groups, which can be booked in advance online at Professional guides lead groups through the various decades and topics and answer visitor questions. Little anecdotes and family stories bring history back to life.

Upcoming DOMs:

  • Winter DOM 2022: 4 November – 4 December
  • Spring DOM 2023: 24 March – 23 April
  • Summer DOM 2023: 21 July – 20 August