Hamburg DOM

Hamburg DOM Fun Fair DOM during Corona

Due to COVID-19 all DOM events will be cancelled in 2020. Luckily, around 60 attractions have been permitted to open across the city for some funfair feeling.

DOM during Corona

DOM during Corona - 60 Attractions across the city

Don’t we all miss the freshly roasted almonds, deep-fried pastries and candy floss at the Hamburg DOM funfair? Despair not! Until October 2020, the city will host about 60 different stations to spread a bit of that DOM spirit. Expect scrumptious DOM classics and even a few rides. 

Fairground workers in Hamburg 

Due to the restrictions necessary to curb the spread of COVID-19, both the 2020 Spring and Summer DOM had to be cancelled. Disappointing  as this is for every visitor who misses Northern Germany’s largest funfair, it is much harder on the workers whose livelihoods have been threatened by the cancellations. Luckily, the city of Hamburg was able to devise a plan to distribute dozens of DOM attractions throughout the city where professional confectioners and carousel operators alike can offer their services and culinary delights to eager passers-by.

Locations throughout the city

The locations can be found throughout the districts and neighbourhoods of Hamburg. Along the Elbe river, roasted almonds go well with the sight of majestic ships and cranes, while the shopping streets in the city centre are a bit more fun thanks to the addition of many different DOM booths. Merry-go-rounds for young fans of the famous funfair have been set up in central locations of Altona, Bergedorf, Eimsbüttel, Langenhorn and Niendorf. Additional fairground flair can be found in Wandsbek and Klein Flottbek. This map (German only) will help you find the exact locations of all funfair booths. 

Please behave respectfully and mind social distancing rules at all DOM events.


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