Bars and Pubs Top Five

Can’t wait to explore Hamburg’s legendary nightlife? We’re giving you a head start with our five favourite bars: from Hamburg’s oldest jazz club to shot-sized cocktails and all-night dancing in St. Pauli.

Top 5 Bars in Hamburg, Germany / The Chug Club

Top 5 Bars in Hamburg

1. Chug Club, St. Pauli

Chug Club radiates an almost sacral vibe with tequila as the god of the hour. With the motto “go chug yourself”, Chef Betty and her team treat their guests to exquisite tequila cocktails with names like Moonriver, Skulovee and MarTEAni. The bar is named after the shot-sized cocktails served in tasting menus — perfect for ‘chugging’ back one after the other.

Address: Taubenstrasse 13, Hamburg
Smoking: yes

2. Altes Mädchen, Schanzenviertel

Hidden away in a red-brick courtyard lies a small paradise for beer enthusiasts. Altes Mädchen is a restaurant, bar and beer garden in one - conveniently located next to the Ratsherrn brewery. This “old girl” serves an impressive range of local and international craft beers listed on a gigantic blackboard above the bar and hearty food platters to go with it.

Address: Lagerstraße 28b, Hamburg
Smoking: no


3. Cotton Club, New Town

It’s an adjective we don’t throw around lightly, but Cotton Club, located in Hamburg’s New Town, is by all means legendary. Hamburg’s oldest jazz club opened its doors in 1959 and has since then welcomed local and international jazz legends. Nowadays, jazz lovers can enjoy concerts on most nights — rounded off with a glass of “Cotton Club” draft beer.

Address: Alter Steinweg 10, Hamburg
Smoking: no

4. Barbarabar, St. Pauli

A classic among the bars on Hamburger Berg, Barbarabar has grown into a household name among students — and anyone else who appreciates affordable drinks and fooseball. On weekdays, you can expect live music and fooseball tournaments, while weekends get crowded with DJ music and dancing. Why not capture the night’s spirit inside the vintage photo booth?

Address: Hamburger Berg 11, Hamburg
Smoking: yes

5. Aalhaus, Altona-Nord

Aalhaus is a little bit of everything: sports bar, beer garden and live music club, located only a short walk away from bar-heavy Schanzenviertel quarter. This classic pub offers everything you need for a cosy night out: cold beer, wooden stools and a football game on-screen. Pub quizzes, card game tournaments and literature events complete this Altona allrounder. 

Address: Eggerstedtstraße 39, Hamburg
Smoking: no