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After being closed for weeks due to the corona restrictions, Hamburg’s restaurants are allowed to open again. Still there are a set of rules to follow.

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Restaurants Reopening - Learn about the latest regulations in Hamburg

Restaurants Allowed to Reopen

From Wednesday, 13 May 2020, restaurants in Hamburg are allowed to open again. Still, visitors have to follow a set of rules dining out at their favourite joints. Here you can find information on what rules and guidelines apply on your next visit to one of Hamburg’s many eateries...

Social Distancing Measures Apply

The rules for social distancing and guidelines for hygiene in public places still apply. Accordingly, the following restrictions are binding for anyone visiting a restaurant:

  • Customers must keep a physical distance of 1.5m on the interior premises of a restaurant. Tables must be placed at an adequate distance or closed off accordingly. Seats at bars or bar tables must be kept 1.5m apart, too.
  • Entrance areas of restaurants must be checked and prevented from crowding.
  • Staff must wear face masks on any incident of direct contact with customers.
  • All customers must provide their contact details to the restaurant to be able to backtrace chains of infection.

Please check beforehand that the restaurant of your choice is open. We recommend booking in advance to make sure that there are enough seats available.

For further information, see: Press release of the Hamburg federal state government, 12 May 2020 (German only). 

Restaurants Reopening