Consumer Protections Online & Credit Card Payments

What kind of protections are in place for consumers who shop online and use credit cards? Find out what resources are available here.

Online & Credit Card Payments

Consumer Protections: Online & Credit Card Payments

Since the beginning of 2018, online retailers have no longer been allowed to surcharge payments made with major credit cards, SEPA transfers or direct debits. In addition, protections against credit card payments not made by the user have been strengthened. Now the excess fee that banks can charge users in cases of misuse has been reduced to €50.

In the case of credit card misuse or fraud, it is no longer assumed that the customer has intentionally breached their obligations or acted with gross negligence. Rather, the bank must provide supporting evidence to prove fraud or gross negligence on the part of the cardholders. 

If you fall victim to credit card fraud, credit card theft or even data theft (phishing), you must only bear a burden of €50 of the damage incurred (previously it was €150). 

Additional information (in German) is available from the Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz (Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection) here.

Online & Credit Card Payments