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Travelling in a delegation? Here's everything you need to know about group travel and discounts, curated programmes and city tours.

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When travelling in a large group, there's plenty to consider that doesn't apply when traveling alone or with smaller numbers. For example, you should pay special attention to things like table sizes, transportation needs, and travel timing and speed. You might need to consider group bookings, specialised tour operators and larger vehicles.

To book hotel and entertainment arrangements for groups, please refer to the packages offered by Hamburg Travel. Hamburg Travel tour bus operators have a selection of sightseeing routes available. Contact them for details and group offers. For inspiration on dining options for lunch or dinner, browse our selection of restaurants to find the best places for dining in a truly Hanseatic setting, and then close the day in style by heading to a bar with a view. 

For special VIP treatment at the airport see here.  

Enjoy your business trip to Hamburg!