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The HamburgAmbassadors are former Hamburg residents who now represent their old home in new locations across the globe.

Hamburg Ambassadors

HamburgAmbassadors - Promoting the city across the globe in economy, politics and society.

HamburgAmbassador, or 'Honorary Representative of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg', is an honorary post to which one is appointed by the mayor of Hamburg. The HamburgAmbassadors promote the city and work to establish an international network through which the international reputation of the city is championed. The project is supported by the Senatskanzlei ('Senate Chancellery') and Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

The idea

The HamburgAmbassadors have strong connections to the city. Former Hamburg residents, they now live in metropolises across the globe, where they hold key positions in society in areas such as the economy, culture or science. No matter the geographical distance, the Ambassadors still maintain strong bonds to Northern Germany and are thereby valuable assets in promoting Hamburg and its metropolitan region as a business location across the globe.   


Whether at business meetings, through presentations or at tailored 'Hamburg-themed' events for friends and business partners, the HamburgAmbassadors promote their former home to a global audience. The Ambassadors help plan trade fairs, conventions, congresses and receptions. Their know-how facilitates the city’s many international activities, resources and amenities. In the past, these efforts have opened up many fruitful opportunities for cooperation and exchange around the world, enabling Hamburg to profit tremendously from fresh exposure as a top destination for international business.  

Every May, the HamburgAmbasssadors gather in Hamburg to meet local figures from politics, economy and culture as well as to learn about the latest developments in an ever-changing cityscape so that they can bring the newest and most exciting information back with them to spread around the globe.   


Being a HamburgAmbassador is an honorary post. Potential candidates are suggested by Hamburg state agencies and institutions, and must meet strict requirements. Suggestions are reviewed through a committee comprised of members of such organisations as the Senate Chancellery, the Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg Marketing GmbH and Hamburg Invest, after which the First Mayor formally appoints the new Ambassadors to their posts. The title is relinquished once an ambassador changes their place of residence to yet another part of the world or returns to Germany.

Hamburg Ambassadors