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Network Business Clubs

Expand your network with memberships in the Anglo-German Club, Hanse Lounge, Hafen-Klub or Überseeclub.

Find the business club that suits you. Every year in June, the Anglo-German Club celebrates the Queen's birthday by holding their legendary garden party.

Business Clubs in Hamburg

If you have some time to spend networking, you might consider visiting one of Hamburg's business clubs. If you’re keen to connect to the local business community, sign up for networking events.

Business Club Hamburg (BCH) is located near Heine Park in the west of the city at Elbchaussee 43 in a 1913 mansion. Members have access to lounges, presentations and events as well as the excellent restaurant on the premises.

Centrally located above the Alsterarkaden across from City Hall, the elegant Hanse Lounge is a truly Hanseatic business club characterised by sophistication and high profile members. Perks include fine dining and a terrace overlooking Rathausmarkt and Inner Alster.

The Marketing Club Hamburg (in German) holds events at varying locations across town and comprises of leading Hamburg-based marketers. The club fosters Hamburg's position as an innovative marketing location, offering members networking and marketing-specific presentations and lectures.

Catering to businesses across Hamburg's metropolitan area, the Alster Business Club (German only) aims to strengthen collaboration within the northern German states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Lower Saxony. Membership includes tiered event series and lectures.

If you're in search of an elegant space for a business meeting, Hamburg's hotels have plenty of choices available at stunning locations. However, if you're pressed for time, the Airport Business Lounge is a good option. It's conveniently located at and operated by Hamburg Airport.

The Anglo-German Club e.V. (see photo) promotes international — and especially British — relations. The club was founded in 1948 and has since then been a meeting place for cultural exchange and trading ideas. They have accepted women as club members since 2018. 

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