ITS 2021 Public Day

Which projects will make urban transport in Hamburg more sustainable and more efficient for commuters, tourists and businesses alike? On 14 October 2021 you can find out exactly that. The free and open Public Day presented by the 2021 ITS World Congress invites you to discover the intelligent and urban mobility of the future!

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Hamburg as a digital city

Hamburg is a city with 1.8 million residents, around 350,000 commuters out and about within its borders every day, and 5.3 million people living in the surrounding metropolitan area. Whether you prefer a car or a bike, riding the bus or the train, or you find yourself working with a cargo bike or driving a truck - flexible and sustainable mobility concepts are particularly important for you and for a large metropolis like the port city of Hamburg and its surrounding region. That's why from October 11 to 15, 2021, the ITS World Congress will concern itself most of all with one question: What will our mobility look like in the future?

ITS Public Day: 14 October, 2021

ITS stands for 'Intelligent Traffic and Transport Systems'. But innovative projects relating to mobility, transport and logistics needn't just be experienced by specialist communities at the ITS World Congress. After all, these topics affect everyone in the larger Hamburg metropolitan region and the projects that are being developed have local and international appeal. That's why everyone is invited to experience the ITS World Congress live Hamburg at the ITS Public Day on 14 October, 2021. There you can discover and explore tomorrow's mobility under the motto 'Experience Future Mobility Now'. Expect moderated tours of the most important ITS projects in Hamburg, live demonstrations, lectures, workshops and hands-on activities.

In total there are over 170 ITS-relevant projects in Hamburg that are testing and implementing smart and innovative mobility and logistics concepts. Of these projects, 42 are particularly important. As so-called anchor projects, they form an important basis for the implementation of Hamburg's ITS strategy. Among other things, the projects seek to promote innovation, reduce traffic-related environmental impacts and increase traffic safety and efficiency. The anchor projects include the autonomously driving HEAT bus, digitised parking management, smart loading and delivery zones, best price determination for HVV transit and growing sharing options for bicycles, cars and shuttle services.

See the full programme of the ITS Public Day on 14 October 2021.

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ITS 2021 Public Day