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ITS News MOIA launches tests in Hamburg

Good for commuters and the environment: MOIA tests app-based ride-share programme in Hamburg.

MOIA startet Testbetrieb

MOIA in Hamburg - Ride-Sharing Concepts of the Future

MOIA began its test operation in Hamburg with a launch at City Hall, where the programme’s all-new electric vehicles were unveiled. These black and yellow vehicles will soon become a familiar site on Hamburg’s streets as MOIA enters its final stages of technical testing and trains several hundred drivers before launching the public service in April 2019 with around 100 vehicles.

MOIA will give Hamburg a reliable app-based ride-sharing option, improving mobility, optimizing infrastructure usage, and generally reducing the use of private vehicles within the city. By partnering with local government authorities and transportation companies to offer this integrated mobility, MOIA hopes to improve traffic-induced urban problems, such as congestion, air and noise pollution, and public space lost to cars. Expansion requests have already been made by dozens of cities throughout the world, but the MOIA plans to become fully function in Hamburg before looking to conquer other markets.

Currently, MOIA has several hundred employees, including 250 drivers, and as its fleet is eventually expected to expand to up to 1,000 vehicles with a range of 300 kilometres, this number is will rise to several thousand. The vehicles, which have a capacity of 150 kilowatts, are housed and charged at depots in Niendorf and Horn, and operating times are initially planned for 5 a.m. – 1 a.m., Monday – Wednesday and around the clock Thursday – Sunday.

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