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Life Science Nord cultivates potential in medical- and bio-technology, pharmaceuticals and telemedicine in and around Hamburg.

The Hamburg life science network consists of 20,000 highly qualified professionals, over 500 biotech, pharma and medical technology companies, and a multitude of research institutes across Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northernmost state. Together they develop diverse and innovative medicine, medical products and services.

The Life Science Nord cluster’s infrastructure covers the complete value chain from basic and applied research via clinical tests to ready-to-market products. Close cooperation between practitioners and industry creates the environment for innovative products and technologies to succeed.

The commitment of the industry to the region is actively supported by the cluster states Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, each of which hold a 40% stake in the Life Science Nord Management GmbH company. This company, dubbed a 'cluster agency', coordinates a variety of activities, such as events, news services and a think tank for strategic projects in the development of innovative medicine. It is tasked with connecting economy, research and politics in the north to foster collaboration between universities, research institutions and industry.

About 200 companies and organisations of biomedicine and related industries have formed the research and industry association Life Science Nord e.V., which holds a 20% share in the cluster management company, and pools the interests of its members. In cooperation with cluster management, the association offers members additional benefits through a partner programme.

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