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Hamburg and Brexit Legal

Despite what you may have heard, Brexit won't just affect the economy. Expect a huge impact on international legal relations as well.

Brexit / Legal

Hamburg and Brexit: How does Brexit affect the German legal system?

The UK has long been a significant location for international trials. Brexit may change the country's dominant position in this area, which opens up opportunities for EU countries to benefit from many large-scale lawsuits. 

London in particular has been the main place of jurisdiction for international processes. Brexit makes it increasingly unlikely that verdicts will be binding on the European mainland. This could result in some substantial changes for German courts, for example in the field of large-scale international economic trials. London’s Commercial Court could lose a large number of its approximately 800 annual trials to courts abroad. The wish to profit from international lawsuits has created international commercial courts across the globe.

Hamburg's legal landscape 

Hamburg, as an international trade hub, also has prestigious courts, internationally-minded law firms and renowned legal education and research facilities.

Among others, the Handelskammer’s (Chamber of Commerce's) arbitration court, the Chinese European Arbitration Center, and many other branch-specific arbitration courts are located in Hamburg. Please see Dispute Resolution Hamburg for further information concerning Hamburg-based arbitration solutions.

The introduction of commercial courts could become an important factor in Hamburg's development as a location for international commercial lawsuits. In order to prepare for a possible redistribution of lawsuits, the Hamburg District Court has expanded the role of the English language in international litigation. Together with the Justizbehörde legal authority, the necessary requirements for the introduction of commercial courts are being implemented.

Because of a credible legal infrastructure, Germany will be able to compete internationally for the location of a transnational arbitration court. Germany and Hamburg can rely on a competitive legal education system, independent judges, calculability of risks, small legal costs and efficient workflow.


Coordination Office

A Brexit coordination office has been established in Hamburg in July, 2018. All necessary legislative, executive and administrative preparations are made to ready Hamburg for the imminent changes. The coordination office is supported by representatives of all state agencies.
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