Boat Rentals Alternative and Flexible

Looking to rent a boat, but need something a little special? Here are our favourite flexible and alternative boat rentals.

Gondola in Hambur

Alternative and Flexible Boat Rentals in Hamburg

Whether you want to rent a canoe for longer than a day or are looking for Germany’s only gondola rental facility, we have you covered. There are even rental companies who will bring their boats to you and pick them up again at your destination. Or perhaps if you really want to have a special time, you might consider renting a yacht on the Elbe?

Note: Reservations are required at many (but not all) boat rentals, so be sure to plan ahead. Also, please note the rules stipulated by the various boat rental companies. It is always best to check up directly with the rental company before visiting.

Kanu Reisen Elvers
Kanu Reisen Elvers transports their canoes to points along the Alster lake, for example to Duvenstedt, Poppenbüttler Schleuse, Klein Borstel, Stadtpark or the Outer Alster lake. Boats can be picked up at and returned to any of the rental spots.

Canoe per day €27 / €34 Fri-Sat + transport flat rate. Elvers also offers day tours with accompaniment and service on the Alster and others around Hamburg.

Gadermann Kajaks
In addition to the sale of canoes, kayaks, clothing and accessories, Gadermann also rents kayaks. The rental itself is not on the Alster; rather the boats are brought to an accessible point close to the Alster and picked up at the renter’s destination. Gadermann also offers rowing courses.

Drachenboot für Hamburg e.V.
You might not know that Hamburg hosts dragon boat races during the annual Port Anniversary. If you want to ride in one of these long, beautifully decorated boats, you can rent one from Drachenboot für Hamburg e.V. The association promotes dragon boats for team building, leisure and sport. The club headquarters at the Kampnagel cultural centre in Winterhude is an ideal starting point for tours on the Alster and the many surrounding canals.

Gondoliera Ina Mierig
Hamburg may have more bridges than Venice, but Venice certainly has more gondoliers and gondolas. The hanseatic city does have a few, however. Anyone who wants to enjoy a romantic gondola ride on the Alster need look no further than Ina Mierig. It is one of the only gondoliera in Germany and also the only one that has acquired its qualifications in Venice.

THALMANN Boote & Yachten GmbH
If you want to experience the Dove-Elbe, Elbe and the harbour from a boat that’s on the faster side, you can rent motor boats and yachts from Thalmann in Moorfleet. Whether for a few hours, a whole day or a weekend, many of the boats are available without a license. Anyone who’s curious can browse, try out and buy new and used yachts and boats. Thalmann also offers services such as repairs and skipper training.

Accessibility: If necessary, they will be happy to help you board the boats. Unfortunately, the toilets are not barrier-free.

Alternative and Flexible Boat Rentals