Boat Rentals On the Alster Lake

Explore the Alster Lakes and the surrounding canals. Here is a selection of the area’s most trusted boat rental facilities.

Boats on the Outer Alster lake

Boat Rentals On the Alster Lake

Hamburg’s Alster lakes are among the city’s crown jewels, defining topography and urban layout. The parks surrounding the larger Outer Alster lake are among the city’s most beloved areas for recreation and so it’s no wonder that during the warmer months, residents and visitors alike flock to the lake's shores to spend some time near or on the water. 

If getting out on the water of the Alster lakes or their nearby canals is your goal, we have plenty of recommendations for you. There are a myriad of rental facilities in the area, each with unique fleets of boats to choose from. 

Note: Reservations are required at many (but not all) boat rentals, so be sure to plan ahead. Also, please note the rules stipulated by the various boat rental companies. It is always best to check up directly with the rental company before visiting.

Boat rentals on the Outer Alster lake

Bobby Reich

The Bobby Reich dock is located between the Krugkoppelbrücke and Fernsichtbrücke bridges on the northernmost tip of the Outer Alster lake. The restaurant-café and its spacious terrace are directly connected to the dock. With traditional Hanseatic dishes, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of the Alster.

Boats to rent: rowboats, canoes, sailboats for up to 4 people
Opening times: daily from approximately 9:30 a.m. to approximately 8 p.m., no reservations
Prices per hour: row boats and canoes: 1-2 people €15, 3 people €16, 4 people €17 / sailboats: 1 to 2 people €22, 3 people €24, 4 people €26; after the first hour, every half hour started will be charged.

Pieper boat rental and sailing school 

Located in front of the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, the Pieper sailing school also offers a variety of sailing lessons, boat rentals and corporate events. 

Boats to rent: paddle boats, dinghies, various small sailboats for up to 5 people
Opening times: April to October, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Prices per hour: paddle boat: €20, dinghies: €25, Centaur / Zugvogel / laser 16 sailboats: €30
Accessibility: If necessary, Pieper can provide boarding assistance (only without a wheelchair). The toilets are not wheelchair accessible.

barca - An der Alster

A few meters from the PIEPER sailing school lies barca - an der Alster. In addition to the rental of approximately 30 boats, visitors can enjoy cold drinks, snacks, cakes and ice cream on the dock. Thanks to the beautiful Alster sunsets, barca is a very popular location for parties, company celebrations, birthdays, weddings, etc. 

Boats to rent: 16 paddle boats for up to 4 people, 8 Centaur sailing boats for up to 5 people
Opening times: mid-April to mid-October, 12 p.m. into the evening
Price per hour: Paddle boat: €20, sailboat: €30
Accessibility: The footbridge is accessible for most people with disabilities. barca is happy to offer assistance boarding boats when necessary. The toilets are small and have a little step. Wheelchair users in particular should call ahead for more exact information.

Bodo's Bootssteg (Osterbek-Kanal)

Located on the western banks of the Outer Alster lake where the Harvestehuder Weg and Alsterufer streets meet, Bodo's is a convenient starting point for a boat tour on the Alster. A cozy café next to the dock offers guests sustenance with coffee and cake, small hearty dishes like currywurst with potato salad or lentil soup with sausage.
Boats to rent: sailboats, rowboats, paddle boats
Opening times: April to early October, Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. Last chance to take out a boat is weather dependent.
Prices per hour: Paddle boats and rowboats: €16, sailboats: €17 - €35

Boat rentals east of the Outer Alster lake and in the Alster canals

Bootsvermietung Dornheim

Bootsvermietung Dornheim is one of the largest boat rentals in Hamburg with over 180 vessels. Whether alone in a kayak, in a water bus for 18 people or in a real Venetian gondola - the fleet includes a wide variety of boats. The kitchen of the adjoining restaurant offers Italian and German dishes from fish and meat to pizza and pasta.

Boats to rent: kayaks, various styles of canoes and paddle boats, rowboats, Venetian gondolas, and the 18-seater ‘water buffalo’ unique to Bootsvermietung Dornheim
Opening times: Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday and on public holidays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Rentals depend on the weather. Reservations only available for team boats or groups of 20 people or more
Prices per hour: 1-seater kayak: €8, 2-seater kayak: €11, Alster canoe for 2 people: €11, Alster canoe for 3 people: €13.50, Hamburg canoe for 4 people: €15, Hamburg canoe for 5 to 6 people: €18, rowboats for 2 people: €11, row boats for 3 to 4 people: €14, sun paddle boat for 2 people: €11, sun paddle boat for 3 people: €13.50, swan pedal boat for 2 people: €14, flamingo pedal boat for 4 people: €15.50, Elbe canoe for 6 to 8 people: €32, canoe for 13 to 14 people: €80, ‘water buffalo’ for 13 to 18 people: €110.
There are deals available (e.g. six hours for the price of four), day prices and discounts with a holiday pass. The prices for trips with a Venetian gondola depend on the route and start at €140.

Boat Rentals On the Alster Lake


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