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Artificial Intelligence AI in Germany

AI is not only a topic for scientists in futuristic laboratories: this exciting field already holds serious advantages for businesses and society today.

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AI in Germany

Germany is already rich in businesses and research institutes developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, but still its position in global competition in this arena can be strengthened. This is why the federal government has established a national strategy to support AI technology in Germany. 

This strategy is not purely scientific; economy and industry are also major stakeholders in the development of AI. According to the KI Studie 2020 (lit. ‘AI Study 2020’) conducted by the auditing company Deloitte, as a future technology, AI is highly relevant for the majority of German companies. 79 percent of the companies surveyed in the study consider AI to be ‘very important’ and ‘critical to success’. 

Sharp increase in AI businesses

The number of German startup companies relying on AI technology has also increased significantly. According to the AI ​​startup map 2020 created by the applied AI initiative, the number has grown to a total of 247 startups – a 15 percent increase. 

According to Andreas Liebl, Managing Director of appliedAI, ’The survival rate of the included startups is 90 percent’. Explaining the numbers, he added: ’This is a great value and shows that startups with an AI focus are also developing positively in Germany.’ To sum it up, you can easily say that there is serious potential to make money with AI. 

Social benefits from AI

The advantages of AI in technology are not limited to the economy and industry alone. A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers has shown that AI alone may cause the German gross domestic product (GDP) to increase by 11.3 percent by 2030, corresponding to a sum of roughly €430 billion. 

According to an online representative study by Statista, the overall acceptance of AI in society is also on the rise. While in 2018, only 58 percent of German citizens could imagine communicating with AI products, this rate grew to a stunning 83 percent in 2019.

AI in Germany