Koenig Along the Outer Alster

Along the Outer Alster

Along the Outer Alster ─ 01:15 hours

Follow the stream of Hamburg's second biggest river up to the Outer Alster lake. Walk along canals, see the city's beautiful skyline and have a rest at a cosy café.

Explore the Outer Alster

Start at the Friedrichsberg S-Bahn station and follow the Wandse stream and the Eilbek canal through Friedrichsberg park. After a while you will not only walk past a fleet of houseboats, but also along both the HfBK art school and HAW university.

Follow the stream up until the U-Bahn underpass: from here you can already see Hamburg’s iconic Heinrich Hertz TV tower. Where the canal meets the Alster lake, a stunning panorama unfolds in front of your eyes. You won't get a better view of the Hamburg skyline than from here. Walk along the green banks of the lake until you come to a large pier. It is time to make your way towards Lange Reihe, one of Hamburg’s most popular streets: cosy cafes, lively bars and shabby to chic restaurants. The end of your walk is marked by Hamburg Central Station and Heidi Kabel square, named after Hamburg's famous actress.

Prinz Along the Alster Route