Shopping at Schanzenviertel

Schanzenviertel District

Schanzenviertel aka Hamburg’s hip hotspot attracts visitors with boutiques, bars, restaurants, cafés, a quirky vibe and an alternative nightlife!

Schanzenviertel Hip Hotspot

The Schanzenviertel (lit. redoubt quarter) means the old building complex southwest of Schanzenpark. The name refers to the former fortifications outside of the city, which saved Hamburg from being taken by Danish troops in 1686. The 'Sternschanze' belonged to Altona, Mitte and Eimsbüttel until it became a precinct of its own in 2008. Without a doubt, this is now the pop-cultural centre of the city. It is here where you can browse the record stores and boutiques or enjoy the cosy cafés or lively pubs and bars. The area is especially popular among young locals, who will gladly leave the Reeperbahn to the tourists.     

In the last couple years, the district has been widely gentrified and many houses have been restructured in the process. The rents went up and a strongly disputed expulsion of the former residents took place. Rote Flora, a former theatre turned autonomous youth centre and squat since 1989, functions as a symbol of the area's strong alternative scene and is now known for its wide array of political and cultural events.  

The Schanzenpark with its green areas is a popular freetime meeting place for the young and old alike. The Schanzenturm (Schanzen tower) is the undisputed eye-catcher of the park. It was finished in 1910 and served as Europe’s biggest water tower until 1961. In 2005, the 60 metres tall building was reconstructed into a hotel.

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