Get to know Hamburg by public transportation, by bike or by car


Hamburg boasts an extensive public transport system and has plenty of possibilities for individual transport by bike or by car.


The best way to explore Hamburg is by enjoying a walk or bike trip around the city. But if you're in a hurry to cover some distance, a HVV ticket will get you anywhere along the extensive public transport network. Here's an overview on how to get around.

Buses, S-Bahn, U-Bahn & ferries

The Hamburg public transport network (HVV) operates all means of transport ─ buses, S/U-Bahn and ferries ─ so you don't have to worry about changing operators. You can purchase single trips, daily tickets or weekly tickets that are valid for all buses, trains and ferries. For frequent travellers, monthly or annual tickets are the cheapest options. Also, be sure to ask your employer if the company takes part in the ProfiCard/job ticket programme.

Note: Day passes are cheaper after 9:00 a.m.

The public network is structured into five rings centred around the Alster Lakes. Rings A and B (called Großbereich) cover the City, and if you are travelling further, Rings C, D, E will take you up to 60 kms away from the city. Some regional trains are also included in the fare (Gesamtbereich). On weekdays, U/S trains operate from 4:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. the next morning and 24 hours on weekends. Bus services operate on similar schedules, with night buses running on main routes after midnight. All ferries stop at Landungsbrücken.

If you require assistance, just ask the staff at one of the information desks on the platform of larger stations or the Service Point at Central Station or find your closest Service Point on www.hvv.de. Hamburgers ─ if not in too big of a hurry ─ are also happy to help.

For information on accessibility visit the HVV-Service.

(Free) CityBIKE

You prefer riding a bike around Hamburg? Sign up for free with StadtRAD Hamburg, the local city bike programme, to hire a bike at one of the 120 service points around the city (credit card or debit card required). The first 30 minutes are free of charge, and after that, it's €0,08 per minute or €12 per day. So, if you want, you can ride for free all day ─ as long as you check in your bike at any station within 30 minutes. Bike routes in Hamburg are generally well-developed and clearly marked.

You prefer riding your horse through the city? Unfortunately, that is something we can't offer yet ...

Park & Ride

If you're staying in the suburbs, you can use the well-developed Park & Ride system


cambio carsharing

Car Rental



+49 (0)40 44 10 11
Das Taxi
+49 (0)40 22 11 22
+49 (0)40 211 255 or 211 211 & 311 311
prima clima mobil
+49 (0)40 211 522
Taxi Hamburg
+49 (0)40 612 612 oder 66 66 66
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Taxi network by area

Taxi Alstertal
+49 (0)40 600 30 40
Funktaxi Bergedorf eG
+49 (0)40 721 80 34
Taxenanruf Blankenese
+49 (0)40 86 06 02
Funktaxenruf Harburg
+49 (0)40 77 43 53
Funk-Taxi Wilhelmsburg
+49 (0)40 75 78 23