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G20 — Frequently Asked Questions

From public transport to demonstrations: we've anwered some of the FAQs about the G20 Summit in Hamburg.

Frequently asked questions about the G20 Summit in Hamburg

I’m visiting Hamburg during the G20 Summit. What should I know?

On 7 and 8 July 2017, Hamburg will host numerous heads of state and government, delegates and media representatives for the G20 Summit. This high-profile event requires extra security measures. You’ll see more police than usual and limited-access security zones will be put in place around the Hamburg Messe fairgrounds and the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg concert hall. In addition, several large demonstrations have been announced. Attractions such as Landungsbrücken, St. Michael’s ChurchReeperbahn and others should remain accessible to visitors.

Can I use public transport during the G20?

Yes. Public transport including buses, ferries and S & U trains should run according to schedule as much as possible, though short delays may occur. Stations Messehallen (U2) and Sternschanze (S1/U3) will be operational, but exits Karolinenstraße and Hamburg Messe will be closed off. Buses 35, 6 and 111 will run on alternative routes. On Friday 7 July, ferry nr. 72 won’t stop at Elbphilharmonie and Arningstraße wharfs. For current information, please visit the website of network operator HVV.

Can I reach Hamburg Airport, and will my flight be affected?

Many Summit attendees will arrive and depart at Hamburg Airport. Because their travel routes need to be safeguarded, access roads between the city and the airport may be temporarily closed off. It is therefore recommended to take into account more travel time to and from the airport. The regular flight schedule should not be affected by the Summit, though short delays can’t be ruled out. For more information, visit the website of Hamburg Airport.

Where are the security zones, and can I access them?

The security zones will be located around Hamburg Messe and the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Security Zones 1 must not be accessed by unauthorised persons. Security Zones 2 span a wider area around the venues, and can only be entered by residents, employees and their guests. The bordering roads are accessible to pedestrians but closed off to motorised vehicles and bicycle traffic. Click here to see an interactive map of the security zones.

Will there be demonstrations?

Several larger and smaller demonstrations have been announced to take place before and during the Summit. Locations are still being discussed, but demonstrations are only authorised outside of the ‘transfer corridor’ spanning from Hamburg Airport in the north to HafenCity in the south (see map). According to local broadcaster NDR, demonstrations will already start on 2 July. One of the most prominent organisers is noG20, who are planning a bike parade, a ‘Summit for Global Solidarity’ and a dance event. In addition to peaceful gatherings, Hamburg police have expressed concern about potential riots by radical activists from Germany and abroad. Check local news broadcasters and Hamburg police communications for the latest updates.

I want to join a demonstration. What are my rights?

The right to gather and demonstrate is established in the German Basic Law. However, most recent developments around the G20 Summit include a ban on gathering in the area between HafenCity and Hamburg Airport. Any demonstrations within this area can be cleared immediately by police forces. The ban will be valid from 06:00 a.m. on 7 July until 05:00 p.m. on 8 July. Outside of this area demonstrations are set to take place - redirected routes are to be announced. Further rules and regulations for demonstrations in Germany include:

  • All forms of protest need to be carried out peacefully at all times
  • It is forbidden to carry weapons or protection (helmets, mouthguards, padded clothing …)
  • After a demonstration has been broken up by the police, you are obliged to leave the area immediately
  • Participants must be identifiable at all times, faces mustn’t be concealed
  • Uniforms aren’t acceptable