Need an ambulance, the police or have you lost your passport? We've gathered the hotlines you may need in case of emergency.

The most important hotlines in case of Emergencies

Experiencing any kind of emergency is unfortunate. We hope this page will provide useful information to those in need. The sick and injured we wish a quick recovery.

In case of an emergency please have your personal details ready and prepare answers to the questions of emergency personnel such as:

  • Who is calling?

  • Where are you calling from?

  • Why are you calling?

  • What has happened?

  • Are people injured?

When calling from a mobile device please dial +49 (0)40 for the Hamburg area code.

The area code does not apply when calling from a land line.

Three-digit emergency numbers can be called from both, mobile and land/fixed line phones.

Three-digit emergency numbers and 0800-numbers are free of charge, to most other numbers the cost of a local call applies.

Ambulance & Paramedics112
Aids/HIV Helpline+49 (0)40 19411
Alcoholics Anonymous+49 (0)40 2713353
Animal Rescue and Welfare Centre+49 (0)40 222277
Child and Adolescent/Teen Emergency Services (Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence)+49 (0)40 428490
Child and Adolescent Telephone Counselling+49 (0)800 1110333
Child Protection Centre (Kinderschutzzentrum Hamburg)+49 (0)40 4910007
Counceling on Educational, Marital and General Matters in Life+49 (0)40 7247603
Dental Emergency Service (Dentist on Call), 10 am - 12 noon & 4 pm - 6 pm weekends+49 (0)1805 050518
Dental Emergency Service (Military Medical Centre), 7 pm - 1 am daily+49 (0)40 69470
Emergency Hotline for Victims of Sexual Assault and Rape+49 (0)40 255566
Emergency Transportation Services (provided by Red Cross, ASB)+49 (0)40 19219
Flood Disaster Management/State Emergency Services+49 (0)40 428470
Hospital Bed Allocation Hotline for Severe Burns Injuries+49 (0)40 428513989
Legal Advice Emergency Hotline (nationwide)+40 (0)1805 246373
Lost Credit & Bank Cards (nationwide)+49 (0)40 116116
Lost & Found+49 (0)40 428113501
Medical Emergency/Physicians on Call+49 (0)40 19242
Pharmacy Emergency Services (night services)+49 (0)40 228022
Poison Information Services (national service)+49 (0)551 19240
Roadside Assistance/Breakdown (ADAC)+49 (0)180 2222222
Roadside Assistance/Breakdown (ADAC, from mobile)+49 (0)40 222222
Storm Surge Warning Service (WADI)+49 (0)40 428991111
Telephone Counseling (kath.)+49 (0)800 1110111
Veterinary and Pet Emergency Service+49 (0)40 434379
Victim Support Services (Weißer Ring e.V.)+49 (0)40 2517680
Women's Shelter (Frauenhaus)+49 (0)40 19702